Things to Consider When Replacing Garage Door Springs

Nobody wants to go out to the garage and discover that their garage door will no longer open. In this type of situation, emergency garage door repair may be necessary, as without being able to open the garage, it may be impossible to get the car out to go anywhere. One of the more common needs is for las vegas garage door spring repair. While replacing a spring may sound like an easy task, there are a few things to take into consideration before undergoing such a task on your own.


First, the garage door springs are under a very high amount of tension in order to make it possible for the garage door to work. Trying to change them without any experience in the process can be quite dangerous, as doing the wrong thing could send the spring flying and cause damage or injury. In these situations, it’s often best to hire a professional to be on the safe side.

Next, it’s important to decide which type of spring to use for the replacement. Most doors come with a type of springs called extension springs. These are the least expensive option, and thus one of the types more commonly found on garage doors. However, homeowners who would like to limit the chance of having to deal with this type of repair anytime in the near future may want to spend a bit more and purchase torsion springs. These springs are better because they can support a greater amount of weight and tend to last about twice as long as the more commonly used extension springs.

Another consideration is whether to replace one or both of the springs. As long as it isn’t pretty much brand new, the other spring should be replaced along with the broken one. It doesn’t usually cost much more to do both springs at the same time compared to getting just one spring replaced. Leaving an old spring means that the door is likely to need repairing again in the near future, and it may also make it so that the door will be slightly unbalanced, meaning that even the new spring will need to be replaced more quickly.

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